kindness is 2020

About #KindnessIs2020

Kindness is 2020

When we see with kindness, we see perfectly. We can appreciate people for who they are. We can truly hear them. We can show generosity. We can be our truest selves.

Kindness is about stripping down layers of  expectations, judgment, and imposing our own assumptions on others.

About Me

I’m Michelle. I’m far from perfect, but I’m hoping to make the world a little better by showing kindness and sharing with others how much better life is when we put kindness as the focus of all we do.

I used to be (more) judgmental. I used to listen to respond instead of listening to hear. I used to expect the worst of people instead of the best.

Then I read a story in “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” The story talked about paradigm shifts. How when we evaluate what is REALLY happening vs. what we THINK is happening, we become better humans. Let people show you their true selves and you’ll find they’re better than you thought. Let them tell you who they are and you just might connect in new and wonderful ways. Then turn that around and SHOW OTHERS the better part of you, too!

It’s not just about compliments and smiles (although those are a huge part). It’s about presence, sharing, and caring.

I’m an imperfect human with feet of clay. I make mistakes. I get cranky. Some days it’s harder to show kindness than others…but it’s not a race. It’s not a competition. It’s a journey. It’s life.

And wow…when you approach it with kindness, it’s awe-inspiring.

Random acts of kindness are wonderful. Intentional acts of kindness are even better.

Be intentional.

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